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aftermath: another Virgo rant session

sorry, another rant session, but I have to get this off my mind. as far as I know, Steph is grounded and her mean old mother won't let her hang out with me anymore. how rude!!!!
I got a comment on my last entry. someone wanted to know if we could be friends. I said sure, why not? I think that pen pals are cool. it sounds like there are some kindred spirits out there, and they like anime as much as our group here in town does. everybody thinks we're crazy though, but they can all go jump off a bridge. I'm not kidding. hmph......
it is really hot out. I just got back from one of my favorite places and there's all sorts of graffiti around it! not fair! especially since this place happens to be a school!!!!!!
in my next entry I hope to put a poem that Carrie wrote for our group. it is really cool, and I hope everyone likes it. later!!!!!!!!!!!!
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