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Entry 333 - Insomnia

What can I say? It's too hot in here to sleep, so I'm up against my will. The sun's just starting to come up, so I guess I can watch it.

Supposedly, a group of us are going on another Brewer arcade and waterfront trip...with a slightly bigger group. I'm hoping Moira doesn't act too perky (she promised) and that Jess H can actually go. It'll be interesting getting there, though: we'll need more than one carpool.

I like being on the waterfront after dark, really. It's peaceful, the lights on the water are pretty, and I'm with friends. ^^;

I'm hoping that I can maybe get some writing done while I'm up, since there's not much else to do in this hour of the morning and I don't want to risk getting on AIM.

I have a mouse that works now, so that's cool.

I also feel like blah now. I'm gonna go take something and try to relax, I guess. So...until later...

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