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Entry 332

For those who don't know where I've been, it's a long story.

For starters, it's finally summer, and of course I've trying to get outside the house as much as possible in order to celebrate being free. My report card was nothing but passing grades, so I'm now up to 17 credits. Next year will gain 6 more, and then I will graduate with a grand total of 23. ^^; spiffy, huh?

To members of the muse community, it's kinda dead. We really need posts from people to spice it up, and the co-mod has a plan. So...we really need your support.

I'm so happy to be this close to getting out of school for good. I can't believe that next year is my last, and that I'll graduate in the normal four years. I hope the others in my class can make it, too.

For those of you wondering why I'm not online, I'm updating this from Megan's house. Yes, Megan. So yeah.

Anyway...yeah, so, I should be back soon. Those of you waiting for me, I'm bound to be online when I get back home...unless I decide to sleep or something, long day. ^^;

Until next time....

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