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Entry 331 - Survival

This is me.

This is me having survived SAT testing for the first time.

Yeah, I suppose I should update this poor forgotten thing. So let's see...what have I to tell...?

The final OPT meeting was really cool. I got to ride in a go-kart for the first time (my driving is so slow, blah) and even did pretty well in the batting cages. All in all, it was a pretty good day. I'm definitely coming back next year.

The party with Katharine at the YW is next Saturday...Carrie, Jess, you guys going? Anybody?

Speaking of parties, Megan and I are having one tomorrow at her house for Tim, who's moving away soon. Hey, Matt, are you still coming? Oo

Carlin, been wondering where you've been lately. Hope you feel better and come back to school soon, we're coming down to the wire and finals are almost here...! OO

Mika-san is all happy/sparkly. ^^; It's a good thing.

Shannon-Bunny-chan has a spiffy Kuma-plushie. ^^; Waiwai.

To Carlin, Jeff, and guys wanna do ice cream again or something sometime? ^^; I'll provide money again...

To the rest of you....yeah. ^^; Once I get my website finished, I might link it here. Maybe.

Until next time...

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