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Entry 329 - Grades

No, not report card grades, but grades on assignments.

For the CIGS essay, I got 4 grades: a B, a C, another C, and a D (citation errors, oh well). So yeah, I passed. ^^; Isn't that great?

And on my recent math quiz, got an 84. Now I only wonder about my grade for the chapter test...

Oh, something else: our washing machine died. So now mom's stressed over that, my brother is stressed 'cause she's stressed, and I'm stressed due to both of them. Last I knew, they were discussing what to do next.

And the other night, our basement flooded again. Pipe overflowed this time, but it wasn't as bad as last time. Of course, means more stuff to be salvaged or thrown depending on what got wet or not.

Which means more strange clothing for me to try on. I now have more dresses (and a slip, yay -.-) and some other assorted odd things I can't identify. A bunch of stuffed animals were saved (like Francesca puppy, old toy of mine) and tiny little shirts and stuff I used to wear when I was way younger. Ah, memories...

I hate stress. My family hates stress. Everybody hates it.

I can't wait until summer now. Just to get out and explore the world, really.

Oh, in the mail yesterday, I got my SAT ticket thing. So I'm all set for 05-05, BHS ^^; yay-ness and stuff. Amy's been briefing me on what to expect, so I think I can be ready for this.

Anything in this pile that doesn't fit me is going into the yard sale box, no questions asked. -.x Seriously.

So yeah.....I'll post again eventually.


PS: Carlin and guys, anybody want to do ice cream after school at some point? Oo just wondering...
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