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Entry 328 - Network

Yup, school network is down again. 4th time this quarter, something really needs to be fixed.

So now, with lack of anything better to do (except writing, but that'll come after this), I've decided to update so you people know what happened to me.

I got through my project for chem (got the thing finished, waiwai~) and then vacation. Got new clothing and had an interesting time. See Carlin's LJ for details on the park trip, k?

I got the CIGS essay done, too, and passed in on time. I just hope I got a decent grade on it, but anything's better than a full on zero.

My US History teacher was talking about rearranging the seating in class, and we're all wondering why he's planning that so late in the year. Oh well, we'll have to see.

English has gotten better, since we finally got into reading Macbeth and it's not so bad. It's better than a full year of poetry, that's for sure (the movie is awful, though) and we get to practice reading aloud. ^^; I actually brought my book home last night just to read the play again (3 times and counting, only this time, it's for school).

Hard to believe last week was spring break. Means that summer is on the way. It's supposed to be up in the 70s today, to which I replied with "OMGWOWSPIFFY". ^^;

And I didn't wear a jacket this morning. Walked to school.

Spring is getting to be a very spiffy time of year.

All be happy Carlin is well enough to be back at school, hope she can catch up and pass this year. After this, we have summer, and we'll be back as seniors.

Life isn't so bad anymore, really.

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