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Entry 326 - Update to Profile

(also posted in my GJ)

You've probably seen at least one of those little blue colorbars by now, right? The ones leading to the entry by jupiter_lament? I have one, in my userinfo, and in my GJ info, too.

It probably seems ironic to you all, but I think it's a good thing to spread. I know, I've acted weird lately (see most of my previous entries), but I'm gonna try to change. Thing is....I'm not sure I can do it alone. I'm sorry if I've hurt anyone (Kitty, Jeffy, maybe RJ and the others) and I'm going to try and make things right.

Anybody want to help me get my things back from Jess H?

To the group listed above: maybe we can do lunch or ice cream or something next week after school or during vacation or something? ^^; It might be fun. And Carlin, I asked mom if we could bring you along when she and I go clothing shopping, she said it was alright. ^^; It's up to you.

To those who heard about Piper: she's so incredibly cute. ^^

Alright, now to go do something productive...

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