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Entry 325

Since I haven't updated in a week or so, I figured I might as well now. Those of you who don't want to hear any of this rant, leave now and don't let the LJ door hit you on the way out. That said, let's begin:

Those of you who actually pay attention to this stuff should know about my ongoing "exile" in school. Those of you who go to my school will know, too, but you're all probably sick of hearing about this. Anyway...

Personally, I've really gotten sick of this whole thing. I'm tired of being ignored simply because I refuse to follow somebody I don't trust. What I don't get is this: Kelly was booted out of the "group" for acting high and mighty and elitist; now Steph's doing the same thing, though more controlling, and I'm the one who gets kicked out. Somehow, I'm really not getting it.

And now I'm really conflicted. I'm not sure who is my friend and who isn't, who I can trust and who I can't. I know it's the last quarter, school's almost over for the year, one more year until I'm free, but still...without a friend or 2, I'm really not going to make it.

Alright, you people who hate the topic can come back now. I'm stating my case and anybody who doesn't care can go be a mindless follower of the evil Queen Bee-(insert curse here)like all the others. -.-; I'm sick of being alienated.

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