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Entry 324 - 70 Miles to Boston

Yeah, you read it right. ^^; I have reached a new milestone in my life, and this is the story. For those of you hoping to talk to me tonight, I'm really sorry but I'm tired and I had a headache the entire trip, so you won't see me on AIM tonight. Maybe tomorrow, though.

I wound up with a headache just after lunch, so I sat through the last few minutes of chem just mentally wishing to go home. When the bell rang, I went down to my locker, got the stuff I needed for the night's assignments, and headed up towards Admin to call for a ride.

I saw Carrie on the way, told her I was calling now if she wanted a ride. She followed me, and I called. Of course, mom says that it was good I called at that point, Drew was heading down to Logan Airport to pick up somebody and he wanted me to go.

Mind you, I had a headache and Carrie was listening to me talk. I actually did agree, mom came to get us, and we took Carrie home.

She actually tried to invite herself along. No offense, Carrie, but my brother really doesn't like that. I'm amazed when he'll take me with him, it's pushing it to bring others along. Besides, I wasn't talking much on the trip, anyway...too busy trying not to be sick.

We left here about 2:30, and headed down I-95. We got into Boston about 6, into Logan about 6:10...I think. The title of this entry comes from a sign I saw along the way...can't remember where it was, but oh well.

Logan is so much bigger than I expected, but it's really spiffy. Everything's lit up, there's so many escalators and so much space to cover. It was pretty nice down there, too, with just a cool breeze. ^^;

We picked up Amber (I think that's her name), and all of us set out towards home. We made a few stops along the way, and I had my window cracked a bit to let the wind just blow right at my face. Somehow, cold air seems to help me feel better when I'm not feeling well, so I took a nap with my face by the window. I woke up feeling a lot better.

I started getting happy when the familiar exit signs began popping up along the side of the road. By the time we reached exit 44 (who cares about the new number?), Amber was asleep, so Drew and I were just talking about stuff. As we passed 45A-B, 46, 47, and finally got off at 48, she woke up and we celebrated returning to town in one piece.

We just dropped her off, and got home about 11. It went faster than the VT trip, I can safely say that. I wished I'd brought my camera to take pictures to show you all, but I didn't get the chance. Oh well, maybe sometime. ^^;

But yeah, I'll be online tomorrow night if anybody wants to talk to me then. In the meantime, I'm going to relax and see how much of my homework I can get done before my little mind just explodes. ^^;

Be sure to stay tuned, more will come soon...

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