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Entry 322 - Home

Well, left school early yesterday feeling like garbage, woke up this morning feeling blah, so I stayed home. Boy, sick days are boring...sleep is the best thing about them.

I got my new backpack this morning, and it's just as spiffy as the pic online was. Of course, I've been crowing about it to anyone who'll listen, so all my school friends are probably sick of hearing about it. Oh well, it's still really spiffy and I might walk to school on Monday. My lunch bag is still in my locker since I left before lunch yesterday, so lunch is already set for Monday. ^^; Cool, huh?

And yesterday started out so well...I actually got to talk with Jessie and Carrie without worrying about getting yelled at by Steph (she hadn't shown up then), and I went to class and enjoyed myself. As the day went on, though, I wound up sitting in my CIGS class in total agony. I barely made it to math class. Darn female monthly thing. -.-;

We started assigning showcase jobs to people in my class, so I chose to help work on the opening banner that'll be put up in wherever my class is supposed to be that night. Due Monday is a small travel guide type thing for my province, to give visitors an in-depth look.

Anybody from BHS going to showcase? If so, come find me. I'll only be working for 20 minutes that night, so I'll be free at some point. Maybe we can do something fun.

Yeah, this is longer than my morning entries, it's 'cause I actually have enough time for this. I had a bit of applesauce this morning, that's all I've eaten, and I couldn't even finish it. Oh well, it's lunchtime, so maybe I can finally eat something.

We now return you to your regular entries. Until later...

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