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I'm happy now, and guess what? ^_^

Guess what? You'll never guess in a million zillion years, or maybe even... 'k, I'll tell you. I have dsl now!! And I'm not getting kicked offline every 3 seconds anymore!! YAY!! I'm happy now... *does a little happy dance with all her friends* Hopefully everyone is having a great day. If you aren't, find a way to fix it!

Kelly's off phone groundation now, so I've been talking to her more, catching up on things and exchanging stories. She wants her big white notebook back, but I can't get it to her yet. *sigh* Oh, well....maybe she and I can get together and work on it. I'm thinking of getting her an account with LJ, so be on the lookout for her, k? ^___^

I'm trying to think of more story ideas 'cause I have some many unfinished stories. I gotta finish them all, but it's so hard! I'm low on ideas, and I'm busy doing other stuff. If anyone wants to suggest anything, leave your name and a comment and I'll be sure to reply. Besides, I need some new commentors....I have, like, about 3 or 4 right now.

I'm happy and I'm loving it! Laters, all!! ^_____^

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