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Entry 318 - Testing (4)

Sorry for the other entry being cut off so fast, but we got dismissed and I could just barely post it before I had to go. Oh well.

Apparently, the reason I got yelled at during lunch the other day was 'cause Steph was annoyed at me. Think about it-I didn't see her all day, so how could I have annoyed her? Anyway, Joe says no table-Nazis are allowed at the table today, so she'll be out of luck if she tries that garbage again. She can't win.

Here's the thing...she's got study hall during that part of the day, unless it's a day she has gym. She's not supposed to be in the cafeteria anyway, and she doesn't even eat, she just sits and takes up table space. She can't play lunchroom police when she's not even supposed to be there, right?

If any of you have a problem with me talking about this, oh well. It's my LJ, you don't have to read it. Besides, this is a rant, and my LJ can be used as a rant page, so there.

Moving on, today is the final day of testing, so here goes something. Science/tech and that survey thing today, then Monday, it's "back to reality", as my 1-2 teacher said.

I haven't missed lunch all this week. Yay mod 13 lunch. ^^;

I brought a ginger ale today since the "good" juice is taken too fast and the other stuff is nasty. I'm happy I've been getting a table seat in the room, but now nobody sits there except me. Oh well, I got my own space to myself.

Alright, now to post this. Expect stuff later...

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