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Entry 317 - Testing (3)

Here we are, day 3 of testing. Math today, science/tech tomorrow with the stupid survey thing.

I went home with Carlin and them yesterday, got to hang out with the puppy who was jumping all over the place. He's cute and everything, but I'm not good with dogs. Really jumpy ones just scare the flip out of me.

Carrie can cook now, you guys. She made some really good rice (desert rice, we're calling it) and some bacon in scrambled eggs. It was a pretty good little meal, and I ate all I could. I even got to take home the rice leftovers. ^^;

OPT today after school, I must try to get my extra calculator back from RJ before then. He didn't have one, so I decided to let him borrow the extra one.

By the way, RJ, thanks for the sodas yesterday. You made us very happy. Did you guys get to talk to Steph yet? Oo

Ori, now I know why you weren't on. ^^; The whole house was out, or the whole area?

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