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Entry 315 - Testing (1)

Yeah, testing starts today. It's early here still, and we were told to go to our first classes and they'll dismiss us from there. So I'm killing time by updating.

I went to the mall with Carlin and Jeff on Saturday (Jeffy calls me and asks if I want to go with him and Carlin, I was so amused), and we went and had lots of fun. I met up with Catherine (Jess R's Cathy, from Veazie) in Suncoast, and we proceeded to have a fangirl moment together. I wished she could've joined us, but her mom was there with her, so alas, she couldn't.

From there, we went to Borders, and I got books I wanted while Carlin and Jeff socialized with their English teacher. We did go out for food, then back up to the mall for ice cream (my treat). By the time we got back up to the mall, however, it was almost 9...closing time. So after they kinda booted us out (closing up at 9), we walked back down to Borders and read things...and socialized with their teacher again, of course. ^^;

Carlin, did I already thank you enough for the cheesecake? If not, I thank you again. We had such a great night, and nothing went wrong. was all good.

Carrie tells me that she's getting a bad feeling about Myles. I'm getting a bit wary myself...but he said he loved me, so now I'm not even sure anymore. He's changed.

I only hope things will be better....more to come later.

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