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Entry 314 - News

Yeah, long break since the last very short entry, but I have spiffy news and I want to share it while I'm in a very good mood, k?

Remember when I said that Carrie got Tim and me reunited? Well....a few days after that, I got a phone call. The caller ID came up as "Tracy Carson" and a number I didn't recognize, so I let the phone ring. This happened for a couple days on and off, and I got suspicious.

About a week later, the number showed up again, and I listened to the message being left on my machine. Turns out it was the third and final member of our old group..Myles.

He'd found my brother's number and my address in the phone book and he'd called looking for me. Drew directed him to my phone number, and can figure out the rest.

Turns out he lives in or around Saco now, and we talked about us getting together with Tim sometime this week (it's finally February vacation, yay-ness). He says he misses me and can't wait. He asks his dad and stepmom.

His stepmom is coming up to town Monday. He's coming, too.

See why I'm so happy lately? ^^; It's gonna rock.

Here's the full story, for those who didn't understand the last entry. Myles, Tim, and I were friends at Mary Snow (Tim in 4th grade, Myles and me in 5th) and we hung out every chance we got. We'd meet up in the mornings before classes, and during recess outside. We played games and laughed, just being kids.

I lost touch with Tim when Myles and I entered 6th grade together, but I'd still see Myles at lunch. Then he vanished one day. I felt lonely, but I soon made new friends and the void slowly closed up.

I'm now a junior, and Carrie came up to me one day (I'd told her about Tim and Myles and that part of my past) and she said that she'd asked around and she'd found Tim. She called him over, and well....yeah. We reunited.

Then the phone calls from Myles, and now our little group is going to be back together for at least one day on Monday. That is, of course, if Tim can get here before Myles has to leave...he's only going to be in town from 11 to 4.

Meanwhile, in real life, MEA testing is coming up (shi-ne), and my OPT group has a bottle drive happening Thursday that I'm going to help with. Hey, it's helping our cause and we get free lunch and a ride home, so there.

The conference in my current events class is now 03-16, so I have some extra time to prepare for it. Showcase is also coming up, so my class will be doing something for that, too. On top of the term paper of doom, that is. x.x

Teachers seem to love piling work on us, don't they?

Yeah, so....there's my (long-awaited?) update. Now I am off to bed..or something. Ori, you haven't seemed real chatty lately, what's going on? Drop me a line or something if you wanna chat, k?

Expect updates to come real soon, hopefully sooner than, say....a month or so. x.x

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