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Mommy! Cable's being mean again!!

Yeah, I lost yet another great "possible" entry 'cause I had to restart and I lost what I'd written. I am so waiting anxiously for dsl to be installed. We're gonna have to wait longer for it.

I will tell you a bit of what I had to go through Friday, just to give you a peek into my life. Here you go:

Mods 1-2: Health. Assembly. It was fine, and we got no work. We had to drag in extra chairs from the cafeteria, though...
Mods 3-4: Algebra. Test over chapter 3. I have no clue if I passed or not. No homework.
Mods 5-6: Civics. Long story...see explaination below.
Mods 7-8: English. See explaination below for details.
Mods 9-10: Lunch/study hall. Same old, same old. Boring. As always.
Mods 11-12: Science. Test on chapter 2. No homework.
Mods 13-14: Focus study hall. Same as always. No homework, so no work period. Organized room for teacher. Errand girl was restless, no errands.
Mods 15-16: Reading. Free-reading period, I finished my book. Pizza party 11/19.

In Civics, we were doing an activity on the Constitution. This was funny, 'cause we had the "House" and the "Senate" working on a bill for recess and a longer lunch/shorter school day. The "president" edited it to his liking and passed it. The "Supreme Court" looked it over to make sure it was legal and fit with the laws. It was fun.

In English, we were watching the original video version of Romeo and Juliet. Oh, Romeo was hanging off the balcony and jumping up the tree and stuff. When he took off running, I just knew he was gonna fall. Guess what? He did...hard. Then he got back up and kept running. I was daydreaming through the whole thing, though. Don't ask what I was thinking's to complicated to explain. I'll answer later.

Well, I think I'm done. If I can, I'll put a new character bio in for the next entry. But that depends on if I can hold my connection for that long, k? Sleep well and have dreams, all...niters. Laters!

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