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Entry 312 - Continue

Well, I did warn you I'd post later, did I not?

First, something I found in friends' LJs (Samu, you were most recent to post it ^^; love your updates), so now I try it out myself. Same as last one.

Reason for lj username:
Aim sn:
Reason for aim sn:
Do you enjoy reading my lj:
Interesting fact about you:
Weird fact about u:
Will you post this in your lj:

Second, I feel a bit more calm, so things are safe for the time being. I have food, I have peace of mind, I'm mellow.

Alright, now I go eat and wait for comments. Ori, best of luck (you and Sara both) on your plan for the community fic. I can't wait to read it! ^^;

Expect more from me later, as usual.

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