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Entry 311 - Emotions

This is basically a warning to those locally, since it's that time again and I'm on my hormonal rollercoaster again.

I stayed home from school today since I woke up before my alarm went off and felt like I was about to hurl. I wandered downstairs and explained things to mom, took some meds and headed back up to bed with a can of ginger ale.

I don't think mom was happy to see Carrie, as she was hoping the girl could get her own ride to school (we were expecting her to be dropped off here by her mom like yesterday morning), but Carrie walked over here instead. Apparently her mom had gone into work early, so Carrie had decided to walk over here instead.

It was 28 below with wind chills this morning. Carrie complains when it's 28 above with no wind.

Mom said that she could've called here and mom'd come get her, that it was dangerous to walk in this. Told me later that Carrie looked like a human popsicle, she was so cold.

If this entry is seen by one Jess R tonight, are the plans for tomorrow after school still on? Mom says it's alright, but I should see how I feel tomorrow before giving you an answer. Leave me a message or something?

Be warned, my emotions are haywire even more so right now. So if you see me go from calm to upset to crying within about 3 minutes, just don't bother asking. Nobody ever really does anyway, so I won't have to worry, then.

Those of you who hate mood swings, best leave now while you still can. I'm in the middle of one right now in this entry.

I might post something else in a little bit, out of curiousity and sheer boredom. Keep an eye out.

So, now I'm gonna post this. Expect more later, seriously.

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