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Entry 310 - Back in Action

Yup, another entry. Be warned, I'm bored again.

School's back in session, and it's even more stressful than it was before the break. Midterms are in 2 weeks (!! x.x) and the teachers are now cramming all they can into our heads to prepare. On top of that, most of my classes are also doing MEA preparations...but the testing isn't until March. They're getting us ready, but most of the math ones (3 tests in math alone x.x) give me problems. Literally.

I'm not that good in math. Seriously. Most stuff on the MEAs confuses the heck out of me, judging by just the practice problems we're getting. Is it my fault I'm bad at percentages and sales tax and all that stuff?

Of course, Amy and I are suffering together.

We actually looked over my program of studies book to see what we might be taking next year for classes. This was during lunch, of course, so I was back and forth between talking with her and watching Jessie and Steph be weird.

Jessie, we should get the group together and do an FF costume party or something. We'd have to come up with costumes and characters, yeah, but I'm sure we can pull it off somehow. Might be fun, really. ^^;

Meanwhile, I do my homework and in between, I write what I can and when I can. I'm only looking forward to midterms since we get half days. Sleeping is a good thing, yes.

Supposed to have dangerous wind chills tonight....right up through Thursday. Brr. I know I like winter and all, but I have to walk in this on Thursday afternoon, it's gonna be below zero. Hope I can fit that jacket in my locker...

Yes, people, you get to see my goofy looking jacket I got for the holidays. It's not too bad, really warm, I just feel like an eskimo with the hood up. It's got fur, too. ^^; The hooks to close it, though, get hidden in the fur so it's hard to close it up. It's snazzy looking, though.

Anyway, now I post this. Expect entries to follow.

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