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Entry 309 - First Weekend

Here I am again. Bored again and posting.

Samu, you wanted to know about the community fic idea, right? Well, it might be easier to explain in here.

Well, back in September, Ori and I came up with an idea to temporarily revive the muse community by starting up a community fanfic: that is, the members of the community work together to write a fanfic. Sara (saramichiru) started us off with the prologue, and whoever wanted to write up the first chapter was to comment on her entry to say so.

That was where the problem started. The prologue was great, but then we couldn't figure out who had the first chapter. One member commented to praise the entry, but was confused at what was going on. Sara explained the idea. Maria commented to complain that she wanted the first chapter, that the other member (indigoblush, who has left) had no idea what was going on. Sara left it up to indigoblush.

About 8 days later, Ori posted the first chapter and went back to leave a comment saying so. That was basically the end of the debate...and of the community fic idea as well.

I looked back on the event and decided that it was a good idea, but it was too complex. I decided to simplify it (a single series instead of a crossover, and parts instead of chapters) and start anew. Ori is to start us off this time, and we still have in effect the idea of first comment to claim gets claim. We're going to avoid fighting this time.

It's still no OCs this time, since we'll all be taking turns with writing and we don't know each others' OCs very well. Here's to hoping that this one goes better than the other one....

Anyway, off that note, Carrie and I are thinking of going to the mall sometime to buy stuff. We can wander around and all, and it gives us a chance to be out and about alone.

School starts again Monday. We have midterms coming up. The only good thing about midterms is that we get half-days.

...and possibly sleeping in on late test days. I might have only one if I'm lucky...or 2 if I'm right. Let's see....

Mods 1-2 and 3-4 are classes....mods 5-6 and 7-8 are classes...mods 9-10 are free, 11-12 is class...13-14 is lunch/study hall, 15-16 is class...

I get to sleep in 2 days, possibly. Sounds cool.

On a better Carlin, it'll be you, me, Jeff, RJ, Jessie and Carrie on this mission....yeah. We have major brute force on this one. Maybe if you give me some sharp pointy objects, I can get him from above. ^^;

Alright, this entry is long enough. I might post in a little bit if I come up with anything else to say.

So, until next time....

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