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Entry 308 - New Year's Day (4)

Yet another entry, I know. Ori, I just posted an entry in the muse community to state your claim, and I updated the userinfo as well to include this event. ^^;

Is anybody besides me bored? x.x

Mom says she plans on going shopping tomorrow, so that'll be cool. I always like going grocery shopping with her, I know I'm helping a lot.

Whoever in town with a cell phone who kept calling my line (3 times, it rings in my brother's room!), call once and leave a message, geez. That's why I have an answering machine, and if it woke me up I'm surprised if it didn't wake up my older brother. I've warned everybody who calls me of such things, so don't forget again, k? -.-

Moving on...Jess H, Matt's now hounding me for your phone number. I've been hiding out online with my away message, but whenever I'm talking to a friend he messages me and acts like a creep. Can we do something to him to get rid of him? Please? x.x

RJ, if you're on later, wanna do something Saturday? Maybe we can hang out and do something. Go out for ice cream or whatever. It's up to you. ^^;

So.....yeah. Expect another entry later, again.

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