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Entry 307 - New Year's Day (3)

I know, my 5th entry for the night. I'm bored, seriously.

It's tempting to suggest a community fanfic for the muse community since it's so quiet...but only 3 people are actively involved, really, so it wouldn't be very big. Maybe 4, I don't know, but we all have different things we know about. It'd have to be a subject we'd know about, and no OCs, which makes it that much harder to get people involved. I know we tried it before, but this time we can start new. Not a crossover, but a single-series fic where the community members choose the path of the story.

And if we get to finish this one, then I'll type it all up neat and clean and send each participant a copy. Sound like an idea, Ori-san? I'll pop it into the community in a bit and then log in and add it to memories. So....yeah.

I ran out of things to post in here again. I'm just hoping to not be bored later. Maybe I'll write soon. I just need something to write about.

Expect me to post again, but it'll be much later. Gotta sleep sometime, right? ^^; Muse post coming up...

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