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Entry 306 - New Year's Day (2)

An hour into the new year, still bored but not as much. So far, nothing big or anything has happened, but hey, you people are getting posts out of me. This thing isn't getting neglected tonight. I'm making up for lost time and all. Getting a head start on the new year.

I'm drinking sparkling apple cider and not talking to anybody online. No big, though...watching the South Park uncut movie on tv for the 6th time. It's still cool. ^^;

Might just go through a few of the links I saved, or maybe write a little bit. I want to talk to Jess H about that LotR inspired story she was starting...I was thinking of doing a character journal thing for Ruki, my character in it. I have a journal for it and everything, all I need is detail and stuff.

If not that, I'm gonna see if I can get anything else added to my original challenge fic. When last I left that group...

I hereby declare that this year shall be devoted to my writing and creativity production will be at an all-time high. I'm determined to actually get writing done.

If one Akima Almasy (alias Amira) sees this entry, she must reply to me ASAP re: Ruki. It's a level 1 priority...yeah.

Nobody's talking. Everybody probably went to bed (like they should before they fall over) or they're just not talking. Oh well, I have silence and privacy, no big. ^^;

So, yeah. Off to be productive....or something. ^^;

Expect another entry later, I'll be up for a while yet.

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