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Entry 305 - New Year's Day (1)

Yeah, it's the new year. I refuse to call it "happy" until I have something happen to make it happy. So there.

So....this is 2004. It doesn't feel any different. -.-

My final meal of 2003 was hotdogs. Don't laugh. My first will be....whatever I eat next, I guess. I'm craving soda. Maybe my brother and I can go on a soda run soon. That'd be a good thing. I'd be happy then for sure.

Maybe if the weather's nice enough, mom and I can go grocery shopping. She has to be feeling up to it, though.

It doesn't feel like feels like spring.

We need snow, and fast. Anybody want to lend us some?

Yeah, another pointless entry. We're 30 minutes into the new year and I'm still bored. Anybody want to start a comment spam session? Or try and hack into a private system together? Something to do, anyway. Just bored.

Maybe I'll write something. Or maybe I'll just sit and read. Or sing.

Or maybe I'll just stay bored. It takes less effort. -.-;

Forgive the Garfield quote, but it fit the moment. Besides, I did say I was bored, right? Yeah. There you go.

Expect another post soon. Really. Really soon. Yeah.

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