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Entry 304 - New Year's Eve (2)

Yeah, me again. Still bored. Still thinking.

I don't do the new years resolution thing, but I'm thinking about goals for the next year anyway. Let's see....

I want to keep my grades up, I know that. Falling behind is not tolerable, and failing is not an option.

I've been working on my room lately, cleaning up and sorting and packing things up for yard sale purposes. I want to get it finished so we can get it decorated how mom plans. We might even rearrange some things in here.

Sometime soon, I'm going to Borders and buying as many books as I can. I have gift cards, I'm gonna use them. I have a gift card for Bath and Body Works, too...gonna go spend 25 bucks in there too. And I'm going to buy a new lunch bag/box at some point, too.

Which means laying off the dollar store trips and saving change from running to Rite Aid or the store for mom if I want to. I like running errands for her, it makes me feel good doing it and it helps her. ^^;

Does it seem like the new year yet? It just seems like an ordinary day to me...nothing exciting. Of course, nothing can be considered ordinary anymore.

Oh, look, my brothers are home. Yay.

...train of thought derails now. -.-; I need to get my mind back in order, I know.

Muse community members, are you all alive out there? Anybody who can post (besides Ori and myself), please do. The community kinda died. Of course, animecity and ac_claims are, too...but I'm not sure what to do with them. Hope the mods (Carlin) can come up with something...

Ran out of ideas again. I'll come up with more material and post again later, promise. So......yeah.

Mika-san (or whichever name you want me to use ^^; yeah), I'm glad you got your book after all. I'll have to do some research on the series 'cause it seems real interesting...

Expect another post later...yeah.

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