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Entry 303 - New Year's Eve (1)

Out of sheer boredom, I'm posting an entry. Expect a few more, I'm really seriously bored.'s about 3 hours to '04 and nothing exciting is happening. My most exciting moment of today was walking over to Carrie's to give her a bag of cookies. -.- At least I got out of the house.

Being a little over 3 hours from the next year makes me think about this year. Sure, it was mostly bad, but there were some bright spots. The weddings I went to were happy occasions, and I enjoyed myself in both the traditional and far-from-traditional settings. The coast is quite a nice place for an afternoon wedding, really. So pretty.

Unlike the year before with no party at all, I celebrated my b-day (happy 17) with 2 parties. Forget sweet 16, I had a sweet 17 instead. A mall trip with one party and a sleepover party with another was interesting, to say the least. At least we had fun.

We had a lunar eclipse, which I got to watch, and an early snowfall. One snow day down, 2 to go. Too bad our holiday was kinda....brown. And very soggy. But we were together.

I'm not even going to touch the early part of was too depressing, anyway. Ask my brothers about it if you're curious, or go through my LJ. It's in there.

As for personal achievements.....well....

I did start up my writing again, and began my "challenge" with Maria (she never posts in her LJ) went well, she didn't get much done on hers but it was going pretty well. To explain, I challenged her to write a fic without any use of or hint of her OCs. In return, she challenged me to write a fic with an OC of my choice in a tragic situation and with extra powers than normal. Yeah, makes no sense, but it was interesting. Mine turned out pretty well, but it's unfinished. I've been meaning to get back to it (boot me into inspiration, Ori-san ^^; you love it so much), but I keep forgetting about it.

It doesn't even have a title. The file is Untitled_1.

I'm a high school junior who is currently passing all my classes...I think, anyway. My best class is my compy apps class, where my during-school LJ posts are done. I'm currently sitting pretty with a 99 average in that class.

Too bad nobody can teach a class on computer hacking. I'd definitely sign up, and I'm sure a few others would. ^^;

Yeah, this entry makes no sense, I know. Go figure, I did warn you people I was bored. Boredom = random entries. post this, and then post again...and again...and again...yeah. Still bored, can you tell?

And I think Carlin and RJ got bored trying to bring that entry up to 300 comments alone. You don't have to continue if you don't want to, guys...or recruit some other people if you want. It's been funny, though. ^^;

Expect another entry later..a little less than 3 hours to go until the new year is officially upon our heads....

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