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Entry 302 - Day Before Freedom

The clock on this compy is never right, I swear. I'm tempted to go in and change it so the time on it is right. There were go, all set and changed.

Presented final powerpoint today, hope I didn't do as bad on it as I thought. He gave us extra time to do whatever we wanted since we finished early, so here I am.

Got most of my holiday shopping done last night after OPT, we had our little party and the gift exchange was so funny. Not much swapping went on until about halfway through, but that's what made it so funny anyway.

Today is our last school day of 2003; when we get back into school after the break (2 weeks, yay), it'll be 2004. Already? Wow. Where'd the time all go? ^^;

I'm bored, so? No partying going on in any of my classes, this is the only fun I'll be having today at school that I can think of. Carlin and Jeff and RJ are going to the mall after school, they asked me to come so I said yeah. Fun stuff.

Did I mention that yesterday was very long and busy? I was up until about 5 in the morning since it was too loud for me to sleep (stupid wind) and then I eventually drifted off until 06:45, when mom came up and woke me up. I got ready and went to school, did all that, went to OPT, then came home and slept for about 20 minutes.

The bus driver actually pulled over and stopped the bus en route to OPT, since something was stinking up the bus and she was wondering what it was. We're thinking it's the back of the bus with cigarettes or something, they had them last time. It was really weird...Miri and I were talking about it.

I refuse to put here what I got for Carlin, but I think she'll like it. She can laugh at it just like she does with the purple cow. ^^; Cooowww.

So now it's almost time to go, now I post this. Post again later, promise! ^^;

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