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Entry 300 - Hormonal Rollercoaster

Entry 300. Yet another milestone, and my LJ is only about 2 years old. 300 entries over 2 years, almost 3. ^^;

Note the title. Things went up and down today. To recap:

This morning, I got into a debate with Carrie. You know, normal stuff. Everything was pretty calm until Jessie came in, crying.

We're not used to her crying, so we knew it was something really super bad. Her great-grandmother died. That's bad. She did get a lot of comforting hugs and kind words today, though, and by lunch she was a little brighter.

I hate to see her cry. It's that much more depressing.

Mika-san, the comment-spam-war went really well. Anybody want to give it a try here? If not, oh well. I'm doubting people can get up to 300 comments here. 1337 must be a new LJ record for a single-user LJ. If it isn't, it should be. ^^;

Report cards come out tomorrow. I have OPT tomorrow, and a bus to catch. My homebase teacher is, I swear, the only teacher in the whole school who actually keeps the students in until 2. We all protest, but she doesn't submit. -.-; If even one person misses their bus, she'll be in trouble.

Luckily, Jess R and Carrie are coming to get me after they get theirs. Miri might come too, I haven't asked her yet. Then if we miss the bus, at least I won't be alone. ^^; And we can all sit together. Seats get scarce fast.

Jess R, I asked mom about the proposed BPL trip on Friday, she said that'd be alright. Mind if I do some other research while we're there? I have a US History project to work on, too. "Show and Tell" in 11th grade...weird me out.

I decided to walk home today since it was kinda nice out and I needed to relax. Carrie complained, of course, and tried calling her mom. No answer. ^^; She wound up walking anyway, but complained the whole way. We got as far as the parking lot of the woods, and then her mom drove up and stopped to get her. I waved, then kept on walking.

Carrie complains about being cold, but she wears little shirts and tank tops in this weather. She says she has nothing warmer. Somebody should get her some warmer clothing for Christmas, then. Or she should stop whining about the cold, if she says it's no problem.

Jess H, if you need anything, don't hesitate to call or ask or anything. I'm here for you. New compy = possible reunion. I promise I'll send those NG songs to you...they're really awesome, and kinda go from really fast to pretty soft. ^^; They make good room-cleaning music, as I discovered tonight.

Carlin, we miss you. Get better real soon. ^^;

Jeff, have you even started your USH project? ^^; If not, it's due next week. Best hurry up.

Ori, got anymore written on that story? ^^; If you need a beta reader, I'm up for the job..if you want me.

Samu's finally 16! We should have an online party, even if the big day was yesterday. Anybody up for it? ^^;

Anybody wanna make a suggestion for the muse community? We're lacking in ideas, so we're asking for them from members. ^^;

Sara, welcome to my LJ and I hope we can get our game finished...someday soon. It should be fun, with our plotline. And I miss the drunken guards, they were fun. I was thinking that after this, we jump ahead to just after Kali and Sara-chan have joined, and Kairi can join up or something. ^^; Should be fun, and they'll have a nice task force then. Or whatever, it was just an idea. ^^;

So, let's give it a try. 300 comment minimum, unless people get bored and really want to spam. Flood my inbox with comments, I dare you all. ^^; Go ahead.

I'll post again later, trust me. I'm bored. ^^;


PS: My English teacher, for our sonnet assignment, told us to come up with a poetic name. I immediately came up with "Jenna Lei", who is an OC of mine...who just happens to be an author. Me = dork. ^^;
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