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Entry 299

*POINT* See? Almost there, just one more entry. ^^;

I know, it's been a while. Let's have an update, ne?

Halloween did go alright, but it's a day I'd rather forget. I did go out and about with Carlin, Jeff and RJ, 'cause Carrie said she had to go do stuff with her sister but then ran off to a party. *sigh* Whatever to her, the day doesn't exist.

The second quarter has started, and we've already missed 2 days of it. Oh well. We miss 2 more next week, and 2 full weeks in December. ^^;

Report cards come out Thursday. I have OPT that day, and a bus to catch. My homebase teacher is, I swear, the only teacher in the school who actually keeps her class in until 2 on report card days. What about those of us, like me, who have a bus to catch that day that's way up on the other end of the school? Where seats become scarce just a few minutes after we get out? Exactly. So I'm hoping Carrie comes down to find me or something, or I'll miss the bus and miss OPT.

And that would be tragic. -.-; Very much.

Anybody out there want to help protest against my homebase teacher? Anyone? My class has tried, but she doesn't listen. It's unfair to keep us in while everybody else is running free through the hallways. Besides, it's important for me to get to that bus fast.

Anyway, on a different note, I have a meeting with my English teacher tomorrow after school as a progress report on my research report. So I put together my notecards and all as best as I could, and typed/printed my sonnet thing for class tomorrow.

I bought a chocolate note from Mike. I'm eating it now. ^^; Fun little notes that taste really good. And they help the music department, which is even cooler.

Amy and I are still making jokes during math class. It keeps us sane and focused, believe it or not.

Catherine needs an LJ. ^^;

I walked home alone today. It was nice out, at least, I figured I'd take advantage of it. Carrie decided to get a ride, though. What a waste of gas, it's a 10 minute walk.

She complains it's cold when she's wearing a light jacket and a tiny t-shirt or tank top under it. She's fallen down the stairs at school "by accident" more than enough times...

She needs to dress for the weather, and start either avoiding the stairs or learning balance. Geez. -.-;

Steph has her license and a car. Do we respect her on the road, or fear her? Who knows. We'll have to see once she's legally allowed passengers. Probably she'll only be allowed Carrie, though...parents are wary. Don't blame 'em, either.

Did everybody see Ori's cute pics of herself? ^^;

Meanwhile, Pepsi and Samu are sitting on pins waiting for FFX-2. I'm surprised they haven't camped out outside their closest game center for the releases yet. ^^;

Mika-san should keep writing. She's a spiffy author. ^^

Scott, Justin, and Dusty all have LJs now. ^^; So that's pretty much all family right there. Well, except Justin.

I miss Amber. I hope she can come up or call or something.

Jess H has been overloaded lately. I wonder if I can help her in any way. Of course, getting her gift for her might help. ^^; Should cheer her up, anyway.

Is there anybody out there who's actually still involved in the muse community? Is animecity (and ac_claims) dead yet? Everything's quiet in all 3, moreso the last 2. Somebody launch a revival, we have to bring them back to life.

Sara-san, I'm adding you to my friends list. Hope you don't mind. It's easier to read your entries that way, so I don't miss anything. ^^;

Much hope (and marshmallow-toting purple cows) to Carlin, hoping she gets well again soon. RJ and Jeff look lonely, I think they really miss you. We all do.

This is getting too random. Anybody want to help me throw a party on my 300th entry? I feel so behind...Mika-san with 660 already. That'll be a lot of comments to keep up with. ^^

Yeah, muse community members who still care, submit some ideas so we can try and do stuff. Sporadic random posts aren't really doing much for the community as a whole, it's just gotten boring. ^^; Anyone?

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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