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"365 days a year, 24 a day, 7 days a week..."

I have a lot going on right now. 1st quarter ends tomorrow, and I have a lot to finish. My algebra notebook is being checked tomorrow at the beginning of class....we just finished Act 2 today in English...we're having a test over chapter 2 in science....and that's just for Focus.

In Civics, we're doing reports on signers of the Constitution, and most of us got really obscure guys. In reading, we're having our pizza party 11/19....9-10 is having their ice cream party 11/16. Health is fine...we have a 2-day guest coming in and talking about rape and how to prevent and report it. Oh, yeah..lots of fun. ><;

Well, my friend Mike (mig322) has invited me, Jessie and Carrie over to his house next weekend. We'd hang out, go down to Fruit St. to play a few games, then head back to his place for food. I'm not sure if this is gonna work, but since when do they listen to me? If I may offer a quote from one of the others..maybe Mike or Carrie: "If you're the oldest, how come you're not leader?"

Good question. If I am the oldest, then how did Stephenie get to be leader of the group? Anyone have any answers? Let's see...I'm the oldest, then Steph, then Carrie, Mike, Jessie, and Kelly. I'm the oldest, and they should listen to me. But do they? No...they don't listen to the oldest, who is the one leaving the path to the next level for them to follow. I've been through a lot and I should be leading them. So how'd Steph get the job? *sigh* Being the new kid in the group is a real drag. All the good guys are totally gone unless someone ends up leaving the group for some reason.

Oh, least we have fun with our games and stuff. How long will our friendship last, though? Just how sturdy is the bond we've made? What could happen between now and forever?

Well, I need to be heading off to bed soon. If I'm lucky, I can get this posted before I get booted. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters!

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