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Entry 298

Told you to expect me back later. My brother Scott got an LJ code, so now he's setting his LJ up. I'll have to get his username after he's done, then. ^^;

Pardon me, if you will, for this show of pathetic fear:


Moving on, the only good thing about tomorrow will be the fact that my book club is doing the Borders trip tomorrow after school to pick out books for the school library. Of course, if Ms. Averill lets us split up, then you know where Carrie and I (and maybe Jessie) will be. Manga section. ^^;

Thursday we return to the corn maze. Carrie, Miri, Jess R and I will team up again and pretend that Manx-san (Jess R) has been possessed by evil again while we protect our innocent person (Miri). Again.

I have no idea what to be for halloween. Anybody out there who can help me? Anybody? I have so much in my wardrobe and a few accessories, but it has to be something warm. ^^; Somebody help, there's only 4 days left. *begpleadbribe?*

I'll try to update from my class again's fun. I do it within those 5 minutes before the bell at 8 so I have time. Usually everybody's in the room about 07:55 anyway, so we're all browsing the web or goofing off or (in my case) updating/checking LJ. It's not much, but it keeps us from getting into trouble before class starts.

Not like we have anything better to do. ^^;


(Yes, in case you couldn't tell, I'm afraid of wind. High wind, like gusts over 20 mph, seriously.)

It's not supposed to calm down until about 4 in the morning, either. Guess who's not going to be until about 4? That's right, me. Because I'm that lame. That's right.

I have tv (when the satellite works, the rain messes up the signal from time to time), my radio (unless the stations aren't working), my compy (unless I lose my net connection), and various other things to keep me busy. Hopefully it won't get too bad.

Everything's set for tomorrow. I might just have to use my snooze button if I decide to be up that late.

Alright, so I'm rambling. Everyone needs a good ramble.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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