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Entry 296 - Homecoming

Yeah, that's right. The wonder week. Here's a recap:

Monday was a holiday. Why is Columbus Day a holiday, though? I fail to see it. Oh well, we got the day off. ^^

Tuesday: Opposite Day. I wore a skirt. Carrie came as a Relena-wannabe. In pink. Also in a skirt. Scary, ne?

Wednesday: Supermarket Day. People dressed up as food. Or milk. My friend Amy was a giant green M&M.

Thursday: Superhero/Ninja Day. I went as Cardcaptor Sakura. Jess R was Kim Possible. We had a lot of people from the Matrix. Of course, that was just during school.

After school was OPT. We went to a farm and went through a corn maze. In my group was Carrie, Jess R, and one of Carrie's friends (Miri? is that how you spell her name?), and we made a game out of it.

Friday: Senior Day. The final day, with the major stuff. Winners of the poster contest and the hallway/lobby decor was (of course) the seniors. The winners of the cheering bit during the pep rally, however, were the sophomores. That was kinda cool. Jess H and I were bummed that the field hockey team didn't thank the band or anything for coming to the last game. Oh well.

I did go to the football game, and I was happy. Bangor Rams against the Cony Rams...funny, huh? Bangor victory, of course...45 to absolute nothing. We are supreme. ^^

Another high note of the week: Wednesday there was a huge storm, rain and high winds the whole day. Everybody at school expected the power to go out, and around mods 11-12 (at exactly 11:47:03), it finally did. I was on my way to English, and there was a rousing cheer in the hallways when the lights went out. Everybody was happy.

The power came back on when I was in chemistry, and my class was begging for it to go off again. I knew my house had lost power and then had it come back on...we're connected to the same substation.

After school, Jess R offered to have me over to work on the costume and all for tomorrow. So, I hung out in the library until her team meeting was over, and then we headed over. Of course, they were still out of power, so we didn't have light or music or anything. We made do, though.

That is, of course, until the sun went down. Then her mom went to work and the others went out to a party. This left us alone in the house, in the dark.

Did I mention I'm afraid of the dark? At least nighttime power outages, anyway. I get nervous and start freaking out. Lame it may be, but I can't help it, k?

So yeah, she made me a sealing rod out of paper and lots of labels (she went a bit overboard with her labeling machine, I think), and I'm so keeping it 'cause it's really cool. I came up with my costume, and she did my hair Thursday morning when she got to school.

Tuesday was actually funny, looking back. After school, Jess H asked me if I could give her a ride home, there was something she had to do. Here's the scoop: Tuesday was the last game for the field hockey team, and one of the members (Bonnie) who's also in band would be graduating at the end of the year. The band decided to have an impromptu concert just before the game, to urge them on and kinda prove that they support the team. Besides, the band only plays at football and boys basketball games anyway, Jess H tells me.

So I hang out with her in the band room while they warm up, and then I follow them out to the field. It went pretty well, considering only about 12 members (maybe) showed up and they were missing a few key instruments. I sat with them, and kinda sang along. It was fun.

Let's see....tomorrow I get up at 06:30 to get ready and go up to the school for PSAT testing. Luckily, I'll see RJ and Jeff there...Jeff's in my test site, as is Rose. ^^ Yay.

Once I get home, I sleep. Carrie won't be home, Jess H will be busy, and so I'll be alone. Sleep is fun.

All in all, this week has gone pretty well. I chose not to go to the dance 'cause I'm supposed to be up early tomorrow and I'm really tired after all the excitement today. Plus, the fact that we were sitting in front of a group of screaming airhead teen girls didn't really help much. Various people around us yelled at them about 6 times to shut up or at least turn down their volume, and they replied by either telling us all "no" or throwing things at us.

I had some really good hot cocoa at the game earlier, during the third quarter when we were hanging out with Jess H (the band plays the first half and then halftime, and they get the third quarter off to go do's cool), and I was happy to have something warm. I'm surprised some of the instruments didn't freeze, it was so cold and those things have metal on them. Brr. I was happy to be wearing layers.

Of course, Carrie was wearing sandals. It's almost winter and we have snow expected sometime soon....but she's still wearing sandals. And she complained about her feet being cold. Geez. -.-; She'll never learn.

Long entry, I know. Hey, I haven't updated for...what, 10 days now? Since the 7th? Yeah. Lots to catch up on. ^^;

Wrapping it up now. Almost at 300. Maybe I'll make it before Carlin's b-day? (10-21 = 17! ^^; go Carlin!) I can try, anyway. 4 more entries to go.

Now I post this, check my friends page, and then go get food. I may have eaten earlier, but now I'm hungry again. Toast, chips, fries. Not much. And chex mix, but still...

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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