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I'm desperate for dsl now....*sigh*

All right, I've lost 2 good entries because I lost my AIM connection and my cable conection bites dirt. I'm really wanting dsl even more now. >_< not fair, making me wait like this.

I'm gonna try to get this done. Kudos to Kit for working on my SM story pics, and helping with bios and such. I'm currently working on another new story, about my group after graduation. We're in our 20's in this one. It's about...I think, the year 2015 or something, and we're just meeting up again after 9 long years apart. Our last meeting was in 2006, after the others graduated. In fact, the last meeting was on their graduation day, and i was there to cheer them all on. We made a pact to meet up as soon as we could and compare everything that's happened. I'll work on it.

If anyone has title ideas, send them along. I have one idea of my own, and it seems to fit: "Anime Class Reunion". After all, without them, I'd be clueless about over half the stuff I know now! ^_^

I'm gonna try to post this and head off. I still need to complete my homework, and get to bed soon. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters...

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