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Entry 295 - School Daze

Updating from school again, finished my work and the teacher had jury duty. Figured I'd update this since I have nothing else to do.

Why is this clock saying that it's 12:30? It's nowhere near even 9 in the morning yet. It's 8:30, so I changed the clock on here. My entry will have the right time.

Did I mention I love this class? No? Well, I do. So there. ^^;

My friends all seem bummed out lately. Anything I can do for you all? Anything?

Muse community people, submit ideas so we don't become a ghost community. It's so quiet in there. What happened to the loudness and joy that once was?

It's morning, alright? If I seem a little off, it's morning. That's my excuse.

Longer post than the other one, I know. I'm bored, give me a break, k?

Alright, I'll post this now. Be on the lookout for another one later tonight!

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