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Entry 293

No real subject. So much has gone on, I guess I should update.

Well, Jess H did manage to show up for my party after all, so we were all really happy. We hung out, watched stuff, then went on a walk to the woods. Had to go up to the soccer field so Jess H could be happy, and played a tiny bit of leap-frog. It was dark heading back, and a bit freaky. We did make it, though.

Teleconference over speaker phone with Steph on our return, since she wound up unable to come. It was really weird, half the time she wasn't even paying attention to us. Oh well, we had some fun.

We all wound up sleeping at some point during the night. Walked Carrie home around 9, chatted with her, and we were followed back to my place by her creepy psycho bird. For some reason, he's been stalking me lately. That's uncool, being stalked by a pigeon.

Jess H and Jess R hung around until about 11 something, and we did a movie exchange. We've exchanged a few things back by now, but some things are still out on loan.

Today I caved and allowed Steph to borrow my OVAs. In return, she allowed me to borrow her FF8 story. It looks good so far, except the fact that she still needs to work on spelling and grammar. Oh well, maybe someday.

Catherine (Cathy) and I have now formed the SPA -- what we call the Secret Party Agents. Basically, we worked with Jess R's b-day party as our first mission. It turned out alright, I guess...but it could've gone better. Things were weird.

Yet another party to go to Friday, this one is for Carrie's sister. Luckily, it's near my house so I can walk down or whatever. Jess R and Carrie can walk,'s not far. Anything I should get her, Carrie? Something at the dollar store, perhaps?

Jess H says that she'll let me have the job of editing the heck out of Kelly's old SM story. That thing should be burned, there's not much chance to work with it 'cause she got all about her character in it. Oh well, it'll give me something to do. Besides, she has her hands full with all the co-stories she's working on and the Big Story (which never had a title), so it's the least I can do.

I've plowed through several library books since school started, and my grades are all least, I think. My book for Book Club is done, read in 2 nights. I got one out today, finished it tonight. This makes about 8-9 books taken out and read within the first 3-4 weeks of school.

And just think, all my hw has been on time, too. I'm keeping my grades up this year, not gonna screw up again. I need those 6 credits if I hope to graduate with my class at the end of next year. So there. ^^

Meanwhile, right now, Drew is sending me links about keyboards, hoping to find one to replace my current one. Mine works, it's just that the enter key is kinda broken. It still works, though...just have to be gentle with it. Besides, I have my other enter key, too, on the number pad. I never use the scroll wheel on the mouse, either, so that's not a big issue.

Some of those keyboards are really ugly, anyway. -.-;

Open House was tonight, and I didn't go. Did anybody?

Who out of the invite list is actually going to Carrie's sister's b-day party this Friday? I think I'm going. Jess R and Carrie are, too.

OPT starts up again on 10-09. Who's ready to go? ^^;

This is just getting random, I know. Hey, I haven't updated for a while, might as well touch all my bases. I was gonna update this morning in my class but didn't have enough time. Oh well, tomorrow's another day, maybe I can do it then. Before class. ^^

Muse community people, things have gotten quiet again. Anybody want to take the next chapter of this crossover? Somebody comment on Ori's entry and take it, post, somebody. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just pack it up and say it's over and come up with something new. It just doesn't seem very interesting to many people.

So, yeah. I'm going to post this now, so you all don't have to suffer through anymore of my rambling.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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