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Entry 292 - Updates

Since I slept through my alarm this morning, I'm updating now, live from my little party. Jess H couldn't come, sadly enough, so it's just me, Carrie, and Jess R.

We haven't done much, but it's still early, so....anything goes.

Steph might show up later....I'm not expecting her, but if she does come, it's up to her. She's not staying for the whole party...just a few hours, if anything. Oh well. Maybe it's better that way.

I have hw this weekend. I'm not happy.

I feel it will be a long night. Maybe I should've gone to bed earlier last night....but Sara-Manx-san and I had so much fun...

This entry makes no sense, like most of my recent entries have. Oh well, gives me something to do. Maybe things will get better as the night goes on or something. Hope we can stand each other all night, or things will not be pretty by the time morning rolls around.

Luckily, we get food later, and mom gets her car back tonight. Maybe things will get better...wait, I said that. Back up, start again.

....Carrie's singing about her care bear now. Should I be afraid, or mildly amused?

.....afraid, definitely. She's laughing like a crazy person and telling me to kiss the care bear. Save me, somebody?

Alrighty, I think this'll be all for now. Expect another entry in about.....10 minutes? 5 if I get really stressed and need to do something to keep me sane. Maybe sooner if something happens.

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