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Entry 291 - Worries

It's true. I'm worried.

Supposedly, now Jess H can't come to my party tomorrow 'cause her mom changed her mind about letting her go. I'm wondering why she did seemed fine before.

If she doesn't come, I'm afraid to be alone with Carrie and Jess R. Considering today didn't go all that well....yeah. I'm afraid.

It's been a better year than last year, I guess. Today would've been good, except the moment of silence bit during mods 1-2. It's been 2 years, shouldn't we be over it by now? It was sad, but we have to move on. Besides, most of us would rather forget that day.

Tomorrow is picture day. Did I ever mention that I hate getting my picture taken? And I guess I won't make my entry 300 goal by tomorrow. Oh well. I never look good in my pictures 'cause they use flash cameras. Those bug me, seriously.

Here's to hoping my party goes well, and maybe you'll get an early morning entry from me tomorrow. I'm setting my alarm for 05:30, and staying up until 05:51. Then I go back to bed and sleep until 06:30, and go through my morning routine from there.

I did it last year, only without the morning entries or anything. So I'm gonna do it again, and this time, I'll update so you all know I'm awake and pulled it off. Maybe I'll update a few times, just if I get bored. Or maybe I'll just play games for a while, update at 05:51, and then go back to bed. Sleep is good.

Maybe I should get this posted now, just so you all have something to read. Or not read, whichever. ^^; Might as well post it so I can, k? Watch for another entry soon.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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