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Entry 290 - Reports

No, not the schoolwork assignment type.

What can I say? I'm bored. I missed school this morning due to waking up miserable (and cold...stupid sewing room window is wide open 'cause Drew needs to have that antenna aimed and working...), so I had no hw to work on. I did some reading, and a lot of sleeping, so now I go back to school tomorrow and catch up.

I'll be wearing one of my new shirts tomorrow. ^^;

I'm also getting more gifts tomorrow. I'm very happy. I know, it should matter more about giving than getting, but I'm excited, so..

...can't wait to see what I got from Jess R this time. First the skirt last year, then the something unknown.

Is it just me, or does it seem like everything's going really slow lately? It feels more like several weeks into school rather than only the second week. Of course, my b-day is usually the second week of school, so....that should help, maybe.

I'm not making any sense in this entry, am I? Oh well.

Hopefully tomorrow morning will be a bit warmer....otherwise, I'll seriously get a ride. Walking in the cold through wet grass is not exactly a good thing. Brr.

Making less sense now than I was a few minutes ago. I suppose I need to dig up new material for my posts, don't I? ^^;

Maybe I'll go read a bit more...or go play some games or something. Might as well keep myself busy for a while until I get tired....or something like that.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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