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Entry 289 - Projects

That's right, projects. As in, schoolwork.

Well, the mall party went well. I bought lots of stuff, and we did food and the ice cream thing. My b-day money was put to good use, as well as my gift card. A fun time was had by all.

Just think, my big party is Friday. Picture day is Friday. Why does it seem that everything's happening on Friday?

Jess R, if you give me details, I'll come to your party. The 21st, you said? Sounds good to me. Want me to bring anything? Pass me a list of stuff, I'll go shopping for you. ^^;

Jess H, have you been able to get to your compy lately? I miss your posts. Gotta read Mars 15, Masao's out and he's plotting something. Why oh why did they let him out, anyway? I say lock him up and throw away the key, even if he is cute.

Carrie....well, yeah. Anything you can bring to the party that's anime related (music, whatever) or food-related (chips might be nice if you can get them), please do bring. ^^;

Carlin, you really like your cow, huh? Cow ^^;

My chem teacher is so not right. She's making us review the metric system, and all that. This class is making less sense by the day.

My English teacher is so crazy. Funny crazy, though.

It's getting colder each day, and getting dark earlier and earlier. Fall is definitely here, oh yes. I actually needed a jacket this morning, brr.

Muse community members, looks like the crossover is starting up. The prologue is posted, we're trying to see who's doing chapter one. Anybody who wants chapter 2 should comment fast, they go fast.

I finished my hw...well, all except for some of that metric worksheet. It was so lame. I did the ones I could, basically then put it away and said "whatever" to it.

Procrastination is fun. ^^

I suppose I should post this before it becomes just one big ramble. Kelly-san, you're spiffy. I don't mind not commenting, a lot of people on my friends list don't comment much, if at all. I don't expect comments anyway, I'm amused when people do. Weeding out the friends list is a tough job; good luck.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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