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Entry 288 - Parties(2)

That's right. 2. Seriously making up for last year.

I have the one tomorrow with Carlin, Jeff, and RJ, going to the mall and getting fun stuff (like ice cream ^^).

Friday's party is still on, as far as I know. Carrie, you and both Jessicas are coming still...right?

Wednesday, of course, Jess R and I are starting work on our project for Current Issues. Tomorrow's mall trip, can we swing by Staples? I need a three-panel posterboard, and mom says they should be there.

Mom says she's taking her car in for an overnight checkup and fixup on Thursday, so if anybody needs her for a ride, ^^;

I so hate heavy textbooks. My chem class is so not making sense at all, if it ever did. Carlin agrees, we were making sassy comments while we worked on our hw. Why do we have to do "anatomy of a textbook" anyway?

If I have any teacher to have snarky thoughts about, I think I found one. We're in a lower level class, we aren't all stupid. I'm tempted to sit in her class (it's the last class of the day, luckily) and channel Aela. Maybe that'll work, she's the most vocal and sassy out of all my OCs. Besides, she has a sense of humor. ^^

Level 2 classes are supposed to just be a bit slower than the level 1 classes, so things are a little easier. It doesn't mean that we're too stupid for the level 1 classes, though. I was in all level 1 last year, and in 9th grade as well. I'm only taking one level 2 class (chem) this year, since I did so badly in bio last year. Carlin has the same thing going on.

And our teacher treats us like we have no brains. Maybe the prissy girls in my class don't have brains, but Carlin and I do, even if we have seperate mods. What is our teacher thinking?

Anyway, off that note. I enjoy most of my classes, really. My favorite as of now, though, is my morning comp apps class. Pretty new computers with good processors and XP Pro running on them, I am very happy with that. And if we get things done and have free time, he lets us surf the web. Which means that maybe sometime, I'll update this from there.

That class seems to go awful fast, though. Maybe 'cause it's so much fun? It's starting out slow, but should pick up soon. ^^

I'm excited about tomorrow. Forget school, it's what's happening after school that I'm concerned with. This should be fun, we can buy lots of fun stuff and have food and ice cream and lots of cool stuff.

Now I should really take a shower and stuff, since I didn't take one last night and I really want one. Or need one.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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