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Entry 287 - Games

Seriously, don't ask about the title. ^^; Carrie should understand it, maybe Jess H, but certainly Jess R. Steph too, if she ever gets to see this.

Not much happened today. Plans were made for another party, though, this one just 4 people as well. Since Carlin, Jeff, and RJ are so special, I'm planning a party with them and me for...maybe Tuesday after school, it depends on them.

Jess R and Carrie are still going to the Friday party, I think. I'm not sure on Jess H anymore, after the dance on Friday. Drop me a line if you guys see this and are all coming? So I know for sure?

I've been playing some of the games on ^^ and they're fun. I've gotten to level 6 on Trogdor, and then those stupid knights kill me. Oh, the unfairness. Hence the entry title.

Nobody's talking. I have 3 comments on my last entry. I'm amazed. I'm planning on having 2 b-day parties in this one week. I go back to school again later. I haven't reset my alarm yet, either.

I read the scrabble match log, that was funny. I've never liked playing that game much, it always turned out hard for me. Everybody got in on that one, wow. ^^ Full house at RV that night.

I should really get to bed. *sigh* Carlin likes her cow at least (new ongoing joke between us...happy cow, anyone?) RJ might get the little bear I have, and I bought another little bunny thing from the dollar store. This one is red, to go with the pink and purple ones. Happy set of 3. ^^

Lots of randomness, huh? I'm tired, I should get this posted and head off to bed. School is gonna be so long tomorrow, I can tell.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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