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Entry 285 - Notes

Stuff I missed in the earlier entry, mostly on the wedding and reception. ^^; Read or not, your choice.

During the wedding, my cousin looked like she was about to cry. Of course, one smile from her 'hubby' and she was smiling, too.

Later, during a little break (singing or prayer or just the guy talking, I forget), the bride and groom were chatting and giggling to each other where they stood. I could see them. ^^

The woman in front of us (Mary Carol, she's a friend/relative or something) was wearing this beaded necklace....and one of the little boys near her got ahold of it. Beads everywhere. Mom and I picked up all the ones we found and handed them to her...hope we got them all. Lots of beads, all over the carpet.

My cousin Lance shaved his head. Now people are joking and calling him "Daddy Warbucks". ^^; Don't ask, I don't really get it either.

My younger cousin Joseph (younger by a few months) is a junior like me, only down where they live, in Ellsworth. He started school Thursday, we started Tuesday. Evil lucky person.

Joanna was so pretty. Her dress was strapless, though, so it had to be hiked up in front a few times. ^^; It was pretty, and the bridesmaids' gowns were pretty, too.

Vert's mom (he's the guy Joanna's married to, he's so awesome) was escorted by his little nephew. Just the cutest little thing, really.

The ring bearer and the flower girl walked in together...and the little ring bearer had spiky blond hair. It was just too cute, mom got them in a picture together coming down the aisle. ^^

So many people. Mom had to introduce me around, I barely knew anybody there. Joseph and I did chat, though, which was cool.

The drive to the reception was a kinda long one, we were getting some air before we arrived. The reception was in the Madison Room at the Spectacular Event Center (big place).

Food is a good thing. Just started off light (chips and stuff, veggies and dip, that stuff was offered....I just had chips), and worked our way up. Cider is good too, the sparkling stuff is nice.

There was a toast later on...and the happy couple did a waltz. Then when they went to head back to their table, the music guy (not really a DJ, more of an emcee) told Joanna to stay up there for a father-daughter dance. I almost cried there, I had good reason to. But I held it back and smiled. Joanna had a fun time.

Then she was allowed to go back to her table, and the groom and his mother went up for a mother-son dance. That was cute too.

The actual lunch I think was next. Good stuff, wow. We were one of the last tables to be called up, though. By the time it rolled around, we were all so happy. There were about 7 of us at the table, I think. Lots of talking and joking, stuff like that.

I settled on a roll, rice pilaf, and some corn. It wasn't much, but it was filling enough for me. Besides, I had a couple scoops of each, and that roll was pretty fluffy.

The game was next. I wasn't sure if I should go up, but mom said it was up to me. I chose to go join. The girls weren't hard to round up. Then that music guy started asking for the guys to come up as well....he singled out a few. Uncle Lon's brother (Richard ^^ tee-hee), Lance, and a few others. Joseph later told me he was up there. That went by pretty fast.

After that, the bride and whoever wanted to join in decided to let lose with the 'hokey-pokey' on the dance floor. I (with a few others) headed back to my seat to watch. I don't hokey-pokey. ^^;

There was more food, more dancing, lots of pictures, and finally the cake. 3 layers, white frosting, chocolate cake. With yellow rose petals scattered over it and the table. It was real pretty, but some of us weren't sure it was real. It was yummy, though.

It was a fun wedding, and mom told me that it was a good wedding for me to go was a little more traditional than my cousin Jeff's wedding back in June (I wrote an entry for it) and that it was pretty exciting rather than dull and boring.

She also said that if they'd done High Mass (it was a catholic church, seriously), we'd be at this thing all day. It adds on an hour to the ceremony, she tells me. Geez.

First thing I did when I got home was change. Seriously. Pantyhose look cool and all, but they do get a little weird feeling after a while, so yeah. Off with those. My shoes were nice and all, but those were the first things off, right at my door. Slippers are a good thing, yes. The necklace matched the dress, everybody liked that. Off with that, put it with my others for later use.

The dress was a big hit, everybody thought I looked great and I love the way it looks on me. But it sheds glitter. So I got out of that, put on some normal clothes (under stuff, shirt and shorts...and socks) and took a short nap.

I was expecting to be asleep until about 5-5:30 or even 6. I was awake again around 3:30. So yeah, I got about an hour, if even that. I had called Carrie once I'd changed, to tell her about the wedding, and she said she was watching a movie but might be around later.

I didn't expect her at my bedroom door about an hour after I called her, really. ^^; What a surprise.

I didn't expect the invite to Jon's party, either. I didn't even think they liked me. Guess I was wrong or something.

It was a pretty weird day overall. I spent a lot of time jetting around to all this stuff, so I'm really super-sorry if anybody wanted to chat or hang out or anything. I'm probably gonna post this, do whatever, and sign off for bed soon.

I might not be up until noon, so don't wait up. Sleeping in on Sundays is a good thing. Dusty said she'll probably do it too. Of course, it'll be harder for her 'cause Scott has his friends over on Sundays to watch football, and she's over there for tonight with Justina (cute little thing, she's about...7, I think? 8 maybe?)

Wow, for being an entry with just notes, it's gotten long. Maybe even longer than the first entry, yipe. Um....yeah, so...yeah.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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