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Entry 284 - Parties

Title is obvious. Long day. ^^;

Starting with this morning, k? I'm up at 9. Hurry to get ready, then leave the house by about 10-something. The wedding is a little faster than we thought, and we're done by about noon. It was really pretty, and everything went so well.

Then was the reception. We drove there, and found everybody. There were assigned tables (ours was #3), and so much to see. There were a few snacks, and then things went from there. Music and dancing, and a fun little game.

You know how, at weddings, the bride tosses her bouquet? Well, this time, it was used in a game. There was a ring of boys (all facing each other), and on the outside of that, a ring of girls (facing out, including me). The garter was passed around the boys' ring, the bouquet around the girls' ring.

I didn't get the bouquet, it stopped at the girl next to me, but it was a fun game and we got to laugh a lot at the guys being singled out to join in. ^^;

The actual food was before the game, and we got cake soon after. It was such a pretty cake, and really yummy. Fun stuff.

We left a while after, since we were tired and all the good stuff was over already. Got home, changed into normal clothes, and curled up for a nap. This was at about 2-something in the afternoon.

I'm back awake about 3-something; Carrie's come over to see me, and to ask me to another party. Jon and Eric (friends of hers) are having a little b-day party for Jon, and we were invited to join them.

After a bit, her mom came and drove us there, we partied, and then left close to 6. Cheesecake is good stuff, yesitis. ^^;

Walked home from Carrie's, changed into my jeans, and then ate something. Dusty came and got me a little after 7, and we headed towards Brewer for the next party/concert thing.

It was kinda cool, really. We waited for a while to get in, but once we were in, everything started up. There was loud music, free food, cold soda, and lots of people. The store was opened up a little after (this was at Miller's Dept Store in Brewer) for a chance to check out the clothing line, and we went in to browse.

The scheduled musical performer (Lindsay, I think that's how she spells her name) was really good. Problem was, we weren't able to hear her very well due to the loud screeching from the pathetic teen fangirls next to us (they did it during the models' performance, too...grr), and there were these giant beach balls being passed around over the crowd during the first song.

The models did good, and Lindsay sang again after that. Then everything kinda just went back to how it was when it started up. We left about 9-something, and headed back to town. Stopped to get food at McD's, then to my house. We actually sat in her car for a bit, I told her a little about WK, and then I went inside and she headed home.

So here I am now, finished eating, and relaxing while I type this up. Sounds like a busy day, huh? And next weekend will be just as exciting, with my party and all. I only hope that Jess H will be happy with me again by that time....

So yeah, if I find that I missed anything, I'll make sure to post again. Or maybe I'll just post for the heck of it, who knows. ^^; Expect a post later, k?

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