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Entry 283 - Comments

Don't ask about the title. It's been a long day..night...whatever.

Let's start with school this morning. I accidentally slept past my alarm, and mom woke me up about 7 to tell me so. I got ready, ate, and she drove me (I didn't want to walk alone, and I would've been late had I walked).

Classes went fine. Things are going well, my teachers are cool.

After school, got details on plans and headed home by myself. Carrie stayed behind to chat.

Mom and I did go shopping, and I got spiffy slippers and a pair of dress shoes. They were cheap, too.

Things happen, and we head for Cameron Field, where the football games are played. Tonight's game wasn't so bad, we hung out with people and ate and had a good time. BHS victory, 42-14.

Edward Little, the school they were up against, is from Auburn.

After the game, we headed to get our ride to the dance. And of course, that's where it all started....

Things went alright for a little while, we got in and waited for Jess H and Steph to show up (they were with the band, on the band bus, so they took a bit coming back), then went into the gym and hung out. Music, people dancing, they joined in.

I decided to go find a little corner, in the dark. I'm not good with big crowds of people. I'm good with just a small group of people that I know, that I trust.

Needless to say, things went downhill from there.

It got loud and hot in the gym, so we migrated out to the hallways to chat. One thing led to another, things were said, and everybody wound up upset. I, of course, knew it would happen sooner or later; things were going too well.

So yeah, current status: Steph is upset with me. Jess H is upset with me. Carrie is upset with me, but she's mellowing now. Carlin was stressed, Jeanne was concerned, and Jeff was just weird.

I'm beginning to have second thoughts on my party. Considering all the stuff that's happened lately, I'm thinking that maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to have it. I might screw that up, too.

I know I've been all excited about being able to have a party this year, but now that I have most of the guest list (if not all of it) upset with me, I'm thinking that maybe I should cancel it.

Lots of angst tonight. No full moon, though.

I still have to take my shower, get to bed, and be up by 08:30. Wedding is at 11, but have to be there by 10:30, mom says.

When I get home from that thing, I'm changing into normal clothes and sleeping until about 6-7 that night. Then I go out and party with Dusty at that concert thing.

Right now, I post this. Maybe post again later if I want. Gotta get my shower in, and get to bed sometime. I'm really tired, and I'm stressed. I cried earlier, seriously. I hate crying in front of people, I feel so stupid doing it. Oh well.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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