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Entry 281 - Addendum

See that word? That describes this post.

Boredom. And hoping to make 300 entries by my b-day. It's a goal to work towards. Gives me something to do, anyway. ^^;

Maybe I'll start bringing notebooks with me to write in, I never have anything to do during some of my study halls, so writing could help. Besides, 40-minute study halls get boring really fast, and staring at the clock doesn't help. Of course, I can get my math hw done and drop off my heavy load of books during that time, though, so it's a good thing.

I don't like my mod 14 study hall. Well, wait, I just don't trust the teacher. She sits at the desk and stares at people, it's a little freaky, y'know?

Pointless entry, I know. Oh well, something to do, anyway.

Expect another entry later, seriously. ^^;

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