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Is it AIM's fault or cable's? Does anyone really know?

Well, I'm pretty annoyed 'cause AIM kept booting me offline about 15 bazillion times lately, and I can't wait until we get dsl installed. We have cable right now, but it's really pathetic on our systems, so we're switching to dsl soon. I can't wait, really.

Maria and I have added a bit more to our story, but not much 'cause we both keep getting booted at random times. Oh, well, at least we got some of it done, right? And I'm actually in this part now, so I'm having lots of fun, and I bet Maria is too. ^_^

I still have some homework to do, and I think I might have forgotten something...if only I knew what it was....*shrugs*

I'm tired, and it's only 10:15 or so up here. I still need to take my shower, and if anyone knows what the weather is gonna be tomorrow, please tell me so I can pick what I'm wearing tomorrow, k? Thanks much....

I've been singing various songs all through today, and I came up with a new character. Speaking of which, I need to add a new character bio to the group, and I'll tell you. Let's see, who should I do tonight? Hmm....

Autumn Summers/Sailor Sapphire: Autumn is 16 years old and has brown hair and green eyes. She enjoys reading and writing, and keeps her many stories in black-and-white marbled composition books. The others she keeps in various colored or patterned folders. Her favorite color is blue, favorite number is 16, and her birthday is 09-12. Her element is fresh water; she is 5'4 in height. Her favorite food is ice cream, favorite subject is reading/English, and her goal is to be a famous writer. Autumn's cat partner is Coral.

If anyone wants pics of my SM characters for this story, IM me. My AIM screen-name is SWV186. Comments wanted!

Lately, I've been singing 80's songs, and I haven't really heard any for a long while. I miss staying home to listen to them. I miss summer. Oh, well, I still remember a bunch of them, and I have some on CD...most of the songs I know from that time period is early Madonna, and I have 2 CDs of her early songs. ^_^

I can actually sing like some people, and it's kinda funny, really. I might listen to some music when I get out of the shower...turn my media player on and sing really loud. *laughs* j/k...but I will turn the music up so I can sing along. Can anyone out there sing so their voice blends in with the song? I can. So there, all of you. Anyone dare to challenge me? *spiteful laugh*

Well, if anyone wants to talk, IM me. I'll be in the shower, and I'm not online for most of the time, so use good common sense, k? Btw, Crystal, my new buddy, says hi all! So say hi to her!

I'm gonna head on out now. Niters, all....sleep well and have dreams. Laters!

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