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Entry 280 - Updates

For the record, I don't really like the new layout. I will sit here with the old one like several other people. ^^;

Third day status: complete. ^^ First week's almost over.

I'll be quite busy this weekend, I guess. ^^; With school and shopping tomorrow, then going to the football game with Carrie and the dance afterwards...then the wedding on Saturday and stuff, and then going to a concert in Brewer with Dusty that night.

I am so enjoying my classes this year. Things seem to be going better than last year. Especially since I'll actually be able to have a b-day party this year, which is cool.

Some of my teachers are seriously crazy. The majority of them are,'s weird. Lots of fun, though, and the class gets to laugh a lot. And I'm keeping up with assignments so far, so maybe I'll keep my grades up.

This is scary. Can it be that I'm....maturing? O.o; yipe.

So, yeah. Maybe if I get a chance, I'll update tomorrow from my class. It's fun, if we have any free time during class, then we can go browse the net and stuff. I actually checked out my LJ today, it was so funny. Didn't have enough time to post an entry, but oh well. Maybe sometime. ^^;

Ori's gotten all sad. So much depression. When did this all start happening again?

Tot's not on very much anymore, and posts even less.

Maria never posts. Jeff and Carlin and RJ do...but RJ doesn't much. Carrie posts whenever she wants to. Jess H posts every so often. Jess R needs to post again, in fact, they both do. Steph has an LJ, but no net access, so she posts whenever she can get access.

As for the rest of you out there, you all post a lot and I keep up really well. It's fun reading friends' posts. ^^

Expect another post later, I'm bored. ^^;

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