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Entry 278 - Second Day

One word describes today: long.

Why does the administration insist on holding the same assembly every year to go over the stupid handbook? It's the same stuff every year, why don't they just pass out copies and let us read them ourselves? No point in the assembly.

Jess H was not amused by it. She missed lunch for hers. I did a nice thing and saved her part of mine so she could eat after school, on the bus ride. She was so happy.

I got my little dartboard, it's so small. Tiny darts. ^^ Very cute. I will be amused for a while, I do believe.

Party plans are going well. Happy loud party where we stay up all night and watch anime until our eyes cross and then listen to loud music and watch more stuff and pig out on food and have lots and lots of fun. Gifts aren't required...but they're nice, y'know? ^^;

Never did the BPL trip today. Oh well, mom might take me to get shoes after school tomorrow, so that'll be cool. And she and I got little jewelry pieces for the wedding. Saturday wedding at 11:30 in the morning...setting my alarm, ohyesIam.

Everything's going pretty well. I think this school year will be a lot better than last year. I know a bunch of my teachers, I know all my rooms, and I'm determined to get everything done. I need those 6 credits, and I'm going to pass everything.

Carlin, many atomic dollars do you have, if any, so far? I have for each of those signed forms. Those things do work as a pretty good incentive. ^^ Neon yellow, too.

Yeah, more rambling. What can I say? I finished my hw (strangest assignment so far, the chemistry one: write a page explaining your positive traits and skills and all that), so now I want to update this. Maybe I'll hit entry 300 on my b-day. It's a goal to try and make, anyway.

Figured I'd keep people updated on things. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Nothing ever tops the first day.

Nothing is ever normal, either. ^^; I know this by now, do you?

Expect another entry later. I need to do something, and things may come up later so I'll post again. Maybe again after that, even.

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