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Entry 277 - First Day

All I can say is, "it went well".

Let's begin with the morning routine. I was out the door at 07:04. I walked up my street, then crossed the field and headed to the sidewalk. That's where I met Carrie. She was walking slower than usual 'cause she was wearing a pair of shoes (with heels) that gave her pain.

We managed to get to school and see people, and hang out with the friends and stuff. Homebase comes around.

Did I mention I do not like my homebase teacher sometimes? I swear, she's the only teacher in the whole school who keeps her students in until 2 on report card days. We complain 'cause we see all our friends wandering the hallways and everything while we're stuck in the room.

But yeah, first day homebase stuff, then wait until they shoot us out into the hallways for our classes. My first class is way up at the end of upper B, business wing. B101 is my first room.

Computer class. At 08:00 in the morning. The computers are brand new, though, so it's all cool. And my teacher is awesome, I had him for study hall last year. This should be fun.

Second class, US History, room A104. I pick a seat in the back (after saying hi to the teacher ^^) and then Jeff comes in. He sits next to me. It's a bit surprising, but really cool.

Third class, Current Events, room A101. Can we say 'time compression'? History to current events, too freaky. Jess R is in this class, she sat in front of me today. The teacher gets the whole class laughing several times. It'll be a fun year. ^^

After that, then it's all the way down to algebra 2, room A118. I have my 9th grade algebra 1 teacher for algebra 2 this year. And of course, Amy's in this class, too. I sit behind her. We're amused 'cause it seems like it's FOCUS all over again.

I'll never be late for my A117 study hall; it's right after algebra, which is right next door. I see Jess R and Steph coming out of that room as I wait to go in. Long boring study hall.

Doesn't take long to get from there to A4...Rose Murphy is in my English class. The teacher says he stares at people, to just ignore him and soon he'll stop or something like that. Do I dare ask? No.

Mod 13 lunch seems to like me or something. I have it second year in a row. But Amy's here again, and so we chat more. And Jess H is there, too, until she changes her schedule (so she says). And for the third year in a row, I'm with Clay. The schedule gods just have it in for me, don't they? Or they're trying to hint something. Yipe.

Study hall in A111, only 3 days a week. Boring.

I think I like my chem 2 teacher. She's really nice. Funny, too. She and I got to chatting after class and making jokes and everything. Looks like it'll be fun.

All in all, it was a very eventful first day. Tomorrow might be a lot better, and after school, Carrie and I are going to Jess R's house and then to the library. I get my dartboard tomorrow. ^^

Mom confirmed my party plans. ^^ Friday, 09-12, my b-day is so on! Small space, though. Hopefully things go well enough.

More rambles, I know. Carlin, I adore the posters, I'll try to put them up somewhere cool. Anything I can get you? ^^

Well, better get this posted and get everything ready for bed. How many of you finished your first night's homework? I did. Not much on the first day, just lots of papers and stuff to sign. I had one book that needed to be covered, that's all.

Now I seriously have to post this, it's getting to be all ramble.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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