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Entry 276 - One More Day

Last night of freedom. Permit me to panic.


Alright, that's done. Now, for the actual update. ^^;

...a dartboard. I'm still amused at this. And it's a real one, too, from what she tells me. Now, all I need to do is get some pics of my enemies and post them on it...hehe.

Guess I can call it another early b-day present. Soon I will be 17 and I'm still 5'5. Is this supposed to tell me something?

To top it off, mom told me that I'm not the only one in the family to have psychic dreams of the future. She says that she's had a few herself. I wonder now if it's a family thing. Should this mean something?

Library trip tomorrow after my HS library. Then the next day, to the BPL with Jess R and Carrie. Jess H gets off grounding next Monday, in time for my proposed b-day party that Friday.

This Saturday, however, I will be busy. My cousin Joanna's wedding is an late morning wedding, and it means I have to be up at 09:30. The wedding is at 11:30, I think. I miss sleeping in already.

I've been posting too much, haven't I? At least it's better than not posting, like I used to. Gives me something to do, anyway.

Let's see. Clothes, check...bags packed, check...everything, check.
Bags being my backpack (books and stuff) and my lunch bag (duh, lunch). Everything is good to go. ^^

Except me. Don't wanna go. Don't wanna get up at 06:30 and go. Have to walk alone. Is it just me, or is 06:50 a bit too early to leave? What time do the doors open for students at BHS?

Anyway, yeah. Have a movie going on tv in the room, and once it's over, then I take my shower and go to bed. If I change the channel, then there's no chance of me doing anything on time. I need sleep for tomorrow.

I'm fast getting ready, actually. Eat, get dressed, get ready, and head on out. I take the circle out to the sidewalk, then walk on there the rest of the way. There's no sidewalks on my side of the main road, so that's why I cross the circle and cut through the field. Carrie knows this route; it's the one we take to go to the dollar store and stuff.

We went there earlier today, actually. Last day of freedom, might as well buy stuff. She got some toys and stuff, and I got some stuff. We usually each get a soda for the way's a long walk.

I got a wand with tinsel hanging from it....and 2 little stuffed bunny-looking things. One's pink, the other's purple. Still wondering about names for them. Or maybe I already have names. ^^

Yeah, so....posting this now, before it gets any longer.

Niters, all...sleep well, have dreams, and may all your best wishes come true. Laters, all!

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